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We are all yolks.

Why wouldn’t we be? We come from an egg which is widely accepted in metaphysics to represent creation and in some cases immortality.

Within each egg, the yolk holds a promise of growth and with that growth wisdom.  The yolk is life itself – vital gold holding an inborn need for Truth.
Many people dream of egg yolks and the meanings are varied. Generally a dream yolk symbolizes good luck and health. If it is rotten or bloody the exact opposite is true – the proverbial “he or she is a rotten egg.”

Sometimes when we cook a recipe might call for separating the yolk from the white part of the egg. We do the same with people. We separate them into categories deciding how we will treat them. At other times we may be surprised to find a double yoke. Maybe that means that often life plays a joke on us with unexpected surprises and we end up with egg on our faces because the yolk is on us. Maybe that double yolk simply reminds us of our own duality of nature.

When we get stressed, how do we handle being fried or when angry and in hot water, hard boiled? When we are frazzled how do we unscramble our emotions? If we are feeling a bit spicy does that make us devilish? Are we runny sometimes because we can’t make up our minds or poached because of half cooked ideas? Could we be gullible because we are over easy or a traitor because we are a Benedict?

We all tend to live in our own shells where we feel safe and can hide or retreat when necessary. When that shell is damaged we feel vulnerable and in some cases maybe we’ve even “cracked up.” We certainly are diverse since inside our shells we are judged by size and color – small, medium, large, extra- large and brown or white … if we listen to Dr. Seuss we might even be green. Just like us, not all eggs are shaped alike. They might be spherical, elliptical or conical. Yet inside every egg is a yolk just like each one of our human shells houses a soul.

Like the old commercial says maybe humans we aren’t edible but we sure are incredible.