A Righteous Imagination

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In the realm of spirituality, the imagination has an important role. At the onset we think of imagination in terms of the basic human faculty – creative expression which is the forming of images or concepts without the aid of the senses that are grounded in reality. The imagination is spontaneous pulling us into the vortex of what could be … imagine that.

The term righteous is associated with action according to Divine Law and is tied to both Dharma and theological concepts such as religion. Yet it is not as stringent or dogmatic as you might imagine. It pulls one onto the plane of Spirit – a place of virtue within the inner self.

What then does that make Righteous Imagination?

Simply put, it is a download of Divine possibilities that can be used for personal enrichment. It is a Soul matter and while that may sound like the metaphysical jargon du juor, it breaks every boundary of mundane thought and reality grip. Bearing in mind that human intelligence is both conceptual and intuitive let’s consider the following.

In these contemporary times, basic imagination is often blotted out by reason which always requires empirical evidence because only logical rationalism can be TRUTH. The argument then becomes how can Divine inspiration which is the root of Righteous Imagination not be TRUTH? AND the TRUTH according to who or what?

Some students of spiritual concepts and mores who have a deeper understanding of how all was created call a Righteous Imagination, “Godspeak.”  If we look at creation, basically the very first thing God (or if you prefer Higher Power) did was speak. He didn’t create anything without speaking. He gave the commands and set the order for all manner of things. This was and is the command of sound.

“Let there be light” was the first command.

The light or illumination was to carry the sound or the word to the entire universe like a giant current. Many forms of artwork will show a glowing lightbulb above someone’s head as representative of an inspiring idea or an answer to a problem. The brain has been lit up to receive the inspiration or words that form the new input that is generating from the inner plane of spirit which is part of the Divine. It is direct experiential recognition that goes beyond human reasoning – the higher perspective and the connection to evolution.

The employment of Righteous Imagination is not just messaging but an initiation.
It begins with an increase of self-sensitivity and self-love – a surrendering to the Divine I Am of self. One might begin to become more aware and attuned to nature and the creative facets of others which stirs the pot of potentials. This has nothing to do with empathic surges which often pull in negativity along with other imoressions but rather a knowledge of the creativity of God in all people, places and things. The limits of perception become lifted.

You will find yourself eliminating all negativity surrounding you particularly any “I can’t” attitudes. You will begin to come up with innovative life solutions you have never thought of in the past. Old conditioning patterns will begin to fall away.

You will be able to visualize future solutions and solutions to current uncomfortable life experiences. Some of these may seem quite novel but they will work when put into practice. You have grown into a confident trust of the unknown. Nothing will seem insurmountable – because in reality, it isn’t.

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Righteous Imagination is a lamp set before your feet.

Let it be lit.

Listen and Grow.

Imagine that.