Silence Your Mind, Please


Human mind is a huge storehouse of memories, as well as a continuous thought-churning machine. Usually it churns thoughts around something that it loves or hates.

For instance, suppose you come across a happy event. Your mind revisits the event again and again for a while even as you carry on with other activities. Similarly when an unhappy situation arises, you cannot prevent your mind from thinking about the situation for days.

Most of us analyze too much of situations or people, spinning both positive and negative thoughts.

A different take
It is a general perception that analysis is necessary to understand things. New age mind gurus such as Eckhart Tolle, however, assert that understanding happens in another dimension of the mind than through the thought process. These gurus advise people to get rid of unnecessary thought processes for a better mind clarity.

That means, to have a clear mind we need to keep it blank, as much as possible. But how is it done? Below are some techniques.

Mindful breathing:
If your attention is shifted to breathing, just observing the way breathing happens, you notice that your mind is empty for a while. This will also make you more attentive and calm. If you stick to this practice, you will reach a stage when you will be able to maintain mindfulness for longer periods even while cooking or driving or television-watching.

Awareness of sensation
Take your attention to the top of your head and slowly slide it down, caressing your body, to touch the feet. Did you detect some sorts of sensations here and there -- a painful back, tingling nose, a tightened calf -- as your attention moved along your body? Feel that pain or a tingling sensation paying a little more attention.
You will notice that your whole body comes alive and your mind becomes more alert minus thoughts. You may leave a part of your mind on these sensations even while doing some work.

Expanded consciousness
Just catch your awareness as you read this sentence. Are you aware of your feet or the things around you? Be conscious of the existence of your surrounding as well as your body.

If you could do it there will be a feeling of “expansion”. Your consciousness is expanded. At the same time your mind is bereft of thoughts. Didn’t you feel happier for a while?

It is true – an intentionally emptied mind fills a person with positive feelings. The more one practices it, a happier person he or she becomes.

Susheela Hedge

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