The Knights Templar & Switzerland

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Have you ever wondered how Switzerland, a land-locked country in the middle of Western Europe, has remained a neutral country for many years? There could be a reason for this. Being neutral, in its truest sense, means keeping the balance between the forces of good and evil. Neutrality is a powerful balancing force.



It is believed by many that the Knights Templar fled to Scotland after the Inquisition put an immediate hault on fraternal activities.


"There was one safe haven in Europe where the pope's writ simply did not run, namely Scotland which was under papal interdict ... Many Templars fled by sea to this Celtic refuge and, along with those who came on foot over the border from England and the Templars who were stationed in Scotland ... there is one country at least that can legitimately claim an unbroken chain of transmission of Templar teaching and tradition, and that country is Scotland ... Scotland undoubtedly became the principal repository of Templar tradition after the suppression of the order. It also became the birthplace of another fraternity, founded to promote Rex Deus spiritual teaching and Templar tradition that was to spread worldwide."


Is it possible that their tradition survived in other parts of the world following the Inquisition? Most definitely. Consider the following:


"It is suggested that the Templars offered their services to the first three Swiss Cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden when they signed their pact of mutual assistance in 1291. What is beyond doubt is that Switzerland, once established, suddenly produced one of the best armies in Europe that was not to be defeated for over two centuries. Did Swiss banking and military prowess owe their origins to the Knights Templar? No one can be certain, but it is a line of inquiry worth following."


Could this connection between the Knights Templar and Switzerland explain the propsperity, peace, and strength of the country? It is best to use an example from history to illustrate this point.


"Both Jacques de Molay and Geoffroi de Charnay were slowly cooked to death but, before being placed on the fire, legend claims that Jacques de Molay cursed Pope Clement V and King Philippe le Bel and called upon them both to appear before God in heaven within the year. If the legend is true, then it must be said that both the accursed king and the pope heeded that prophetic call: Pope Clement, who had suffered from chronic ill-health for many years, died on 20 April and King Philippe IV of France followed him to the grave on 29 November the same year."


Being a "Switzerland" has now become a verb to express both neutrality and immense power - "power" bestowed by neutrality. Being neutral does NOT mean an inability to choose or letting others walk all over you, because, not to choose is to have chosen. The "Switzerland" in this clip is the "former" witch doctor sitting behind the desk:



Scotland and Switzerland ...

Druids and Knights ...

Keepers of the balance between

the forces of

light and dark/good and evil.


The more you know ...


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