Who is GREEN MOON??? My Story: Rising From The Ashes

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"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane, by those who could not hear the music." - Friedrich Nietzsche


Who am I???


Allow me to share my personal struggle with harassment, torture, and repelling incessant magickal attacks. My intention is that this will not only help those who know me "in person" to understand who I am - but also to give anyone strength who is going through rough times and struggles. You can survive - I did.


The following will be highlights from a book I have been actively working on for years. Again, I am not asking for your sympathy, nor do I want it. Sharing this is meant to de-mystify myself, as well as give strength to others. Everything I am able to tell you is true and can be verified (as well as anything else can be verified) by others.




Chapter 1: (Pre-2000), Childhood


Much of what I experienced during this time of life will come back, full circle, and make sense later on in my life. I clearly remember having visualizations before I was born - floating around in the ether surrounding Planet Earth. I clearly remember my spirit descending into matter, choosing my life plan, choosing my incarnation, etc.


It was not until I was nearly 20 years old that I could make sense of these visualizations and facts of being. Growing up I actively suppressed them because, I figured, if no one else is talking about them, then my mind must just be making this stuff up. However, not all of these could go away. To this day, I have never lost contact with what I call "green vision": the ether and the physical blending into one definite reality. I was in for a real shocker when I found out that no everyone sees reality this way, nor does everyone remember life before birth. That was a real shocker. Again, all of this will come full circle later on. How did I get here, on this Planet, at this time - will be the main focus of this chapter.


Chapter 2: (2000-2008), Growing Up


Basically this will talk about the middle school and high school year of growing up - there is not much esoteric material here because this is a time when just about everyone is "plugging into the matrix" and is actively being programmed by those in power, their local school, and the family. What is intriguing to note is that it was at this time that I was actively on battle.net; networking with people before people could even CONCEIEVE of Facebook. The very idea of people being slaves to Facebook is f'ing hilarious to all of the gamers who grew up when the internet was just getting going. Why would you EVER reveal your true identity on a for-profit networking website? People are brainwashed, so they have no idea what I am talking about here.


Speaking of coming full circle, it was also during this period of time that I learned skills that would serve me well in the future: music, drumming, nature hikes, and communicating with the landscape by taking many, long, scenic, drives for the sole purpose of appreciating the beauty of nature. It was not until I left the bubble of High School that I realized that appreciating nature is a dying exercise from human beings. This is a true sign of the weakness of the soul; humanity is dying right before our eyes. Are you going to be swept away from the blood of retribution? The cosmos knows who is fake; how can you ignore your home and your environment?


Chapter 3: (2008-Spring, 2010), College, Part 1


Now that you have a very basic background, let us turn out attention to the location in focus within this chapter: Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont.



I am putting a spotlight on "GMC" because it was their administrative staff which submitted hundreds of pages of false statements and character assassinations to the Washington County Family Court of Washington County, Vermont - this shall be expanded upon in later chapters in which TORTURE will be the main focus. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, I know what each and every one of you said to be so that I would be locked up - out of sight and out of mind.


It is a direct result of the actions of the administrative staff at Green Mountain College that resulted in numerous instances of torture. You have so much blood on your hands I do not even think that God can comprehend the evils you have done.


If the college's motto is truly LUX FIAT (Let There Be Light), then, ya'll need some serious changes to be made. I am surprised that puny little town was not wiped off the face of the Earth. Luckily, by the grace of God, GMC, and Vermont in general, is not all bad. All of the amazing people I met there, please, take a deep breath and calm yourself. This chapter is going to focus on all of the positive and amazing times I had there.


Let it be known, to any GMC'ers who I have known in person and happen to find this blog: You all, the positive, light-oriented, energy workers, assisted me in awakening my kundalini energy and become re-aware of so much. Critical to this were your incessant efforts to convince me to try entheogens. This assisted me to fully hack out of the matrix. May many blessings come upon you all; ESPECIALLY those who saw through the bullshit when I was being magickally attacked on campus, over and over and over again. Again, many blessings.


Chapter 4: (Spring/Summer 2010), Torture, Parts 1 and 2


The next location, in this case a location of torture, will be Rutland Regional Medical Center in Rutland, Vermont.



Do you believe the word of anyone who has been involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward? This is the "foot in the door" that allows anything and everything to place in these disgusting prisons of the mind, body, and soul. Most awful of all, ANY and ALL "patients" are systematically told they are wrong in the head, and that Big Pharma is the only cure. So, while the doctors with their massive paychecks get bonuses from Big Pharma to torture people and use them as human test dummies, you nearly get killed in the process and leave the torture facility, no only de-moralized, but, they have the gaul to send you numerous medical bills and harass you for said medical bills. Only in the "land of the free" will you be billed (excessively billed at that) for your involuntary torture. Fucking incredible.


So, you want a specific list of what they did? How about locking me in a room with no access to a bathroom, or anything else. How about dragging me out of the common space and placing me in said room with no reason except that the security guards and the staff were on an ego trip and knew they could do whatever the fuck they wanted to do to me. How about prescribing me a lethal dose of lithium that was very close to shutting down my liver? How about verbally abusing myself and all the patients there, day in and day out? How about leaving certain patients to die a slow and lonely death because they stopped giving a fuck about them? You people are so evil it is literally making my blood boil.


You may be asking - Okay, so how did you end up there in the first place? Well, this is where we start talking about the occult, magick, summoning angels and demons, and all of that jazz. Anyone who went to Green Mountain College and did not realize this is what was going on is fucking stupid and ignorant beyond comprehension. With all the drugs, hippies, and drum circles - I mean, come on people. Are you really that ignorant? Do you not know what does on, in the middle of the woods, with a bunch of hippies and spiritualists, where they can do all the drugs they want and not fear the matrix police stopping their trip? Wake the fuck up. This will be discussed in further detail in later chapters; it took me quite a while to find the source of these attacks, and it was definitely people on campus. The first step, however, was acknowledging that the occult was real and that things can manifest with intention and ritual. This brings us to the next chapter, where, after being tortured, I researched immensely what the fuck people were trying to do to my brain and my existence.


Chapter 5: (Fall 2010), Torture, Part 3


Folks, this is the worst of the worst. This is where the torture was the absolute worst. Hell is located at the Vermont State Hospital in Waterbury, Vermont.



Extremely violent patients, always treat of violence

Disconnected phone calls (constantly)

Interference with mail correspondence with my lawyer

Lack of interaction with doctor that is keeping you there

Patients, literally, kept in prison cells with bars

Patients kept as permanent test subjects for "experimental" drugs

Abuse of patients by staff (staff violence towards patients)

Patient section was on lock-down, so no one could see the torture

The list goes on and on and on ...


The best to summarize this is with two stories.


One - After being stone-walled into this evil place of Big Pharma torture "for a minimum of 90 days", I fought back, HARD. Here is the amazing thing; the staff prevented me from contacting my lawyer via mail and via telephone. They were so intimidated by my strong will that they eventually DROPPED THE CASE after trying to persecute me for over a month. That was their way saying "Welcome to VT, we stole all your money and tortured you, now get the fuck out - we will pretend like nothing happened".


Anyway ... I am not the only one who made it out of there. I ended up re-connecting with someone else who being tortured after I got out. He had been diagnosed with PTSD. Yes, you heard me correctly. He was diagnosed with PTSD because of what a hospital did to him. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around, like, a hospital is supposed to help with PTSD, right? Well, anyway, he was having flashbacks so bad that he turned back to hard drugs. I tried my best to help but the damage was too strong. I assume he is no longer alive because of how much he turned to numbing substances.


Two - Hurricane Irene. There really is nothing else to say about that. Karma is a BITCH, isn't it, Waterbury, Vermont? You thought that just because you live in the middle of the woods, away from civilization, that you could get away with treating people this way. I hope you have enjoyed your flooded roadways, destroyed vehicles, and destroyed lives. You got exactly what you had coming to you. This is the only reason why I withdrew the massive lawsuit I was filing against the State of Vermont and your "hospital". Just knowing that your lives got destroyed by bad karma is good enough for me, you can keep your bloody money. I know for sure you will be rejected at the gates of Heaven for what you have done.


Chapter 6: (Winter 2010-Spring 2011), Stuck In Portland, Part 1


Nothing too interesting to note here, except driving around the gayest looking van ever to be created as a part-time job. Besides that, this was basically a time of occult self-initiation by trying to find out what the fuck was going on. I knew there was something of bad intention being directed at me but I could not quite put my finger on it.


Also during this period of time I decided to try the "drugs" they put me on. As mentioned earlier, this is when I realized the amount of Lithium they gave me to "help me" was actually a deadly dose. Yeah, that's right, pharmacies were fulfilling deadly doses of psychiatric drugs. Brainwashed citizens do not even realize as this goes right over their heads. Anyways, my regular doctor took one look at me told me to stop taking all of those drugs. We did blood work and determine it was doing severe damage to my liver, which I have thankfully recovered from. Finally, a doctor who is actually ethical and helpful. Many blessings to you, Sir.


Chapter 7: (Spring/Summer), Torture, Part 4


The location in focus will be Maine General Medical Center - Thayer Campus in Waterville, Maine:



Patients - CHECK, Nurses - CHECK, Psych. Staff - CHECK



It is sad when a hospital has so much going for it, but they cannot quite rid themselves all of the evil that surrounds them. The patients knew what was going on, the nurses knew what was going on, and the psych. staff was awesome and extremely help and definitely new it was of a psychic nature why I was there, not due to any mental illness. Sadly, the doctors there are just as corrupt as them all. I ended up lying and taking more poison just so I would be discharged even faster.


So, who was causing these attacks? Well it was (now a former) Green Mountain College student. How can I be sure? Well, here is what really did it for me. When you catch this person openly reading "Dark Lore" and conducting ritual right before your very eyes and you begin to get mentally unhinged; when you go deeper and deeper into psychic alarm and this person summons more and more demons to attack me, it become extremely fucking clear who is causing what. It is thanks to the many energy workers at this hospital that I was able to snap out of the spell and identify the attacker. Sadly, these types of attacks would only increase, until, finally, people gave up because I put up such an effective resistance.


GMC'ers who are reading this - Do you really need to point out who this person is? Are you really that blind? Who moved to Maine with me? Who was it? Who was the magician you all were shunning while he was working his spells and rituals, in dormitories on campus (the same one I lived in), right under your nose? I should not even have to say who it is, because it is so obvious. If you cannot identify the culprit then you are nothing more than a rich, phony piece of shit who does lots of drugs only because you are rich and have the money, not because you are seeking higher spiritual knowledge - this show how blind you people really are. Wake up folks, before this happens to one of you.


Chapter 8: (Fall 2011-Spring 2012), Stuck In Portland, Part 2


The location in question for this chapter will be Bayside Village Apartments in Portland, Maine:



There is something that I need to explain to people ...


Marginal Way, in Portland, used to be under water. Not the actual road, per se, but all land going outward from the road towards the ocean used to be all ocean. In other words, where the Bayside complex was build is "virgin land" - the land that its foundation rests upon is manmade. Dirt was trucked in and the ocean was literally "filled in" - this look place in the 1950's and 1960's; before most of the residents of this locale were even born, so I do not hold a grudge for just about no one knowing this. For many, many, many years water used to be reside where people currently reside. If you do not bless the brand new land you are building on, very bad things can happen and manifest. Even if you think I am full of shit with saying this, there are other more pragmatic points to consider.


The psychic attacks were at their worse here, but, I finally got some back-up. Much love, Portland, so much love.


When persons conduct rituals and use excessive amounts of drugs in close proximity to your living space (what I call, sacred space) that can spell disaster. When occult websites with membership in the tens of thousands try and silence you because you are trying to leak sacred texts from their archives (texts protect by out-dated fraternities that only are seeking power over other human beings, hence, their "materials" need to be showin in the light of day for humanity to evolve and grow), it can spell disaster. When you support the Occupy Wall Street movement and Wikileaks, and the government hacks into your cell phone, bank account, and personal computer to try and silence you, it can spell disaster. When you remove your Facebook account and people think you do not exist anyone, and are left to live off of 200 dollars a month (Food Stamps) while your body is slowly starving to death, it can spell disaster. When your family refuses to acknowledge your existence and you have no friends, it can spell disaster.


The spirit and energy of Portland, Maine, my home, is what assisted me in overcoming all of these factors which I thought would be the death of me. I figured, if this is what breaks me, I will go down fighting and die with full honors for never compromising my morals and values. It was so bad that at one point, I had my family calling the Police Department to try and immediately lock me away in a psych. ward for "as long as possible"; this was timed perfect with government hacking, ritual magick, etc. When the Police clearly saw I was the one being attacked and refused to "lock me away" for trying to rid myself of this mess - it was in that moment, I realized, I can survive this. Respect is earned, not given. By being compassionate and understanding, you have fully earned my utmost respect. Thank you for all that you do - those who interacted me and refused to allow my person to be locked away in a torture box yet again, may many blessings be bestowed upon you.


Thank you everyone who assisted me in this tremendously difficult period of time. I do not need to name any names, you know who you are. Now that you have read this, you know that if I had been acting "weird" during this period of time, that there was a cause for it and I am sorry you had to be momentarily confused by erratic behavior - there was never any ill intent on my part. It is after this chapter in my life that I could finally see an existence out of all the torture and oppression. If I can survive this, you can survive anything. I hope that is extremely empowering.


Chapter 9: (Spring/Summer 2012), Stuck In Portland, Part 3


Nothing much to say here; except I met some extremely kick ass people during this period of time. You know who you are. Healing began to manifest itself; I was no longer starving myself on coffee each and every day because I was left out of dry with no resources. The trance many people were under began to be broken. This is a period of time marked by healing and growth. You see - life does turn around, even after the darkest nights of the soul. Here is a brief list of what happened once people realized, "Hey, this guy fights back, let's stop attacking him":


Electronic hacking against me ceased

Harassment by constantly being followed ceased

Those who were conducting ritual to attack  me ceased (they literally "moved out" one day); "Return to Sender" works wonders and never under-estimate the power of karma


Stand up for your principles and defend them at all costs; you may just earn respect from people you would least expect it from. Seriously.


Chapter 10: (Fall 2012-Present), College, Part 2


All the new friends I've made, ya'll kick some serious ass. Much respect all around.


That is why I took 2 years off from college, after all - to deal with my personal "shit".


I hope that if you know me in person and have taken the time to read all of this that you have gained a deeper understanding as to who I am; I am know I am interesting person. I am not a part of the cell-phone/Facebook matrix; yes folks, it is The Matrix. If you are wondering how the heck ended up where I am today, well, I hope this will give you more insight. The bottom line is that I am a Shaman and I am here to energetically assist anyone and everyone that I am able to. Just because I do not dress myself up like a hippie does not mean I am not spiritual, intuitive, or metaphysical, etc. Dressing "normal" kind of throws people off in that regards, oh well. I just do my own thing. I am always looking for people to journey with in this insane ride that we call life. Won't you join me?


PS - The juicy details are extra juicy. This is only a basic outline of what an insane life I have had in the past. Inquire within if you seek to know more; I am quite the story teller, especially over a bowl or two ... or three ... ;-)



~Infinite Blessings~

From Green Moon