Interview With The Demon

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Dr. Modi in Remarkable Healings, learned of the presence of demons through hypnotizing her patients. Yes, there are demons as well, who inhabit astral regions. She was actually able to talk to some of these demons. They are so filled with pride that they did not mind in the least exposing their tactics. Here is what some of them had to say. As the previous quote said, they are not always telling the whole truth. They are not omniscient and they have their own agenda.

        "I enter into people and take over their brains and their bodies and I manipulate their thinking and actions. Then they get on the thought and physical pattern, that they accept as their own and it goes on and on. ... I can also cause a type of cancer. Cancer can be due to chemical and biological reasons and it can also be due to the entities. ..."

        "...Do you realize that mental illness is the greatest cause of death, either self-inflicted or murder? What you people do not realize about mental illness is that some of it is true dysfunction of the brain, but most of it is caused by us demons. We put in people's minds thoughts of torture, such as cutting others and killing babies [I wonder what a demons' stance on abortion would be? Editor] and other sadomasochistic thoughts. Souls get confused and they are grabbed by us after death. We stop them from going to the Light and then we try to trick them into working for Satan. ..." [Could it be, Satan! the Church Lady]

        "...My job is to work deep within the organs and cause hidden pain and discomfort that are not detected easily, I create ulcers ... Human beings are so grounded in their bodies that it is easy to control them, while it is harder to control beings on other planets because they are not as grounded in their bodies. ... I worked with nerve cells and molecules." [this guy gets around, he must have some serious frequent flier miles logged] [p.s. demons and fallen angels hate laughter and true joy, their job is to make us feel miserable—as miserable as them. Editor]

        "...We crowd around people when they are watching violent and horror movies, at home and in the movie theaters. When they become shocked and scared, their shields open and we can enter their bodies. Then we motivate them to watch these movies. We also shoot black laser beams into people and send a black, sticky substance. The more people in the movie theater, the greater the negative energy. The more they watch these violent movies, the more hardened they get. They develop apathy, indifference, and noncaring attitudes. We make them angry, hateful, insensitive, and cold. They are under our influence like puppets." [what's the real horror show and what's not? Editor]

[Demons and entities also love to yank the chains of people who have a predilection for religious fanaticism. No religion is free from fanatics. These demons sit in their little corner of the astral plane overcome with perverse uncontrollable glee because they are able to kill two birds with one stone. The fanatic spues out untruths, hatred and anger, even mayhem and terrorism; and good people are subsequently turned off by religion. Editor]

        "...When people watch X-rated and pornographic movies, they lower their vibrations and open their shields for us to come in. Then we give them obsession to watch them more and more. Images are stored in the visual cortex. We can restimulate their visual cortex through a transmitter type of device and give them urges to watch these movies. We also squeeze their testicles and give them inappropriate sexual urges. They seem to focus at the lower level of vibration and it retards spiritual development. Their concentration is focused outside their partner and weakens their love and relationship. They develop indifference and inability to see their partner as a person. They think of them as an object."

        [a question about negative types of music] "... Here we work through your ears. Focused concentration on music has a mesmerizing effect, almost hypnosis. The negative messages are accepted as suggestions and are recorded in the auditory cortex. The loud and cacophonous music can open the shield and we can come in and give them more desire to listen to the music and act on the negative messages. We plant into their auditory cortex transmitter type devices, which we can activate from outside the person and replay the negative messages over and over, till they act on them. You people do not realize how these movies and music can be addictive in nature and simply shift your focus away from your spiritual growth and mislead you." pp. 326-331. [a Dartmouth study recently prooved that melodies can stay in the cortex, Editor]

Difficult stuff to digest, a little bitter in the belly, I expect. Maybe you have some friendly pet critters hanging about that hate this message. They are kicking and screaming, trying to convince you that their thoughts are your thoughts. An interesting dilemma.

If one is interested, there are ways to get rid of them. Confession, asking for forgiveness and then leading a righteous life is the best antidote. As Jesus said, 'the devil has nothing in me,' which means if there is nothing in us to attract these demons and entities then they will have no power and leave us alone.

To accelerate the process, asking for Divine assistance from someone like Archangel Michael is the best form of exorcism. In some traditions such as Catholicism and Theosophy, a stainless steel sword or long knife used with calls to St. Michael will work wonders cutting away these infestations of the astral world. Use that sword all over your body as you give Pope Leo XIII''s prayer below (this is the short version). The more you give it the better. Your critter pals also hate certain types of incense, like frankincense, pine and deodar. Now visualize Archangel Michael standing right there and get to work, unless of course there is a small voice inside of you saying otherwise.

Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell, satan and all the other evil spirits, who roam through the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

I would not recommend doing exorcism on other people. You might stir up a hornet's nest that you are ill equipped to deal with. Happy hunting.

William House

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