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Everyday to some degree we all make a decision as to what to wear. We choose the mode of design according to what we are going to do for the day which includes everything from sloppy slob to classy couture. We choose the color of our clothing which encompasses everything from falttering fantasia to drab decolorization. We may be capable of mix and match expertise or total lack of control with patterns and fabrics. There is no fait accompli involved!

Most people are familiar with the numerous astrology cookbooks on the market that refer to the “color” associated with each sign of the Zodiac. One of the misnomers regarding the colors associated with each sign of the Zodiac is that there is only one color which represents that signature. For example, the color red is most often associated with the sign of Aries. In truth, Aries as a Fire sign resonates with all the colors inherent in a flame – everything from fiery scarlet  to scorching orange to sizzling yellow to incandescent blue to hot white. This is known as the Color Spectrum Range associated with the essence of the sign itself. Even if you, are for example and Aries who does particularly like the hues of the Arien Color Spectrum range due to other influences in your personal chart, the Color Range still reflects the spirit of your sign.

Each sign of the Zodiac also has a distinctive mode of dress. Whatever sign occupies the 6th House Cusp of a natal chart (not your Sun sign) will influence an individual's fashion sense.

Let's start the fashion show!

Aries on the 6th House Cusp: "Fashion Statement"... Ariens are thought to love the color red but truth be known they are fond of all the "hot hues" found in a flame... white, orange, red, yellow and blue. They like to wear the latest fashions and since they love attention, they don't mind standing out in a crowd. These folks are often successful in the business world and dress impeccably. Since they are "power players" they wear power suits and are fond of monochromatic looks that "make a statement" or will wear a classic look interrupted by brightly colored tie, scarf or vest. They are not too particularly fond of patterns as they like clean simple lines in clothing but should they decide to wear patterned clothing it would most likely be of fabrics with fine lines or pinstripes or patterns that depict sharp angles. Since Aries rules the head, hats and other head adornments such as barrettes, earrings and even cranial tattoos are also favored by this energy. Power color: orange, white.

Taurus on the 6th House Cusp: "Impeccable" ... There is a love of clothing that is comfortable but it must always be in good taste. This is a tactile influence so soft cottons, silks and linen are preferred. Taurus is not necessarily interested in the latest fashion but is interested in "quality." Only the best fabrics and manufacturers will do and if a quality item is on sale so much the better! Earth tones, neutral colors and pastels are pleasing to this sign's senses although they will accessorize with colors that "pop." Delicate florals or fabrics that depict rhythmic scrolls are preferred when patterns are worn. Since Taurus rules the neck this energy does not shy away from wearing fine jewelry such as necklaces that make a statement or generous flowing scarves or designer ties. Power color: pale green.

Gemini on the 6th House Cusp: "Anything goes!" ... Literally! The dual energy of this sign likes all kinds of looks and styles with outfits for every occasion. The more versatile, funky or youth oriented the clothing the better! Novelty clothing items are fascinating to Gemini no mater how weird! Color is a must as are mixed pattern fabrics. This is a sign of "movement" so all clothing whether it be a formal gown or sportswear must correspond. Mix and Match is a concept that works extremely well for this sign. Gemini rules the hands, arms and shoulders and bracelets, watches, rings and gloves are must have accessories. Females also have an affinity for purses and wallets and tops and dresses that show off the shoulders. Power color: electric blue.

Cancer on the 6th House Cusp: "Vintage" ... This sign rules a love of the past and that which traditionally survives time. Females prefer soft cozy fabrics including velour, terry cloth and even flannel and other fabrics that have an iridescent or shiny hue such as metalics. Fabric patterns are non linear and irregularly curved. They are often fond of wearing pearl and/or silver jewelry. Both male and female influenced by this sign insist upon quality and are very likely to wear their clothing until it is worn out! They are true believers in fashion repeating itself and hold onto clothing until it comes back in style. Clothing that conceals and flows such as tunics and long coats are also popular under this influence. Power color: periwinkle.

Leo on the 6th House Cusp: "Luxurious"... Only the best will do for this sign. Even if the most expensive items are out of personal price range, the less expensive items will look designer. Jewelry is a must and can range from gaudy to elite. This sign likes glitter and shine so sequins, satins and silks fill the wardrobe. Wild animal prints are also a favorite of this sign. Clothing for both male and female tends to be dramatic with plenty of golden hues. Public image is very important and this sign signature never leaves the house looking sloppy. Females always wear make-up. Lavish spending is also typical and while the wallet may be empty and the credit card overdrawn the closet will be full to the brim! Power color: red, magenta.

Virgo on the 6th House Cusp: "Polished" ... This sign always sports a "put together" look. They are neat and polished in appearance even when they go "casual." Virgos pay great attention to detail and enjoy wearing conservative tailored clothing. They are not into flash and love a bargain as long as it represents quality. They are often fond of black and white, hounds tooth plaid, harlequin plaid, speckled weaves and color block clothing. They also enjoy wearing navy blue and gray clothing since they consider these colors the hues of refinement and good taste. Females also enjoy wearing shades of violet and yellow-green. Power color: green.

Libra on the 6th House Cusp: "Tailored Perfection"... The rule of thumb is that you will never see a dirty or disheveled Libra! This sign signature loves clothes and is very fashion conscious! They have an excellent sense of color and style. Females prefer romantic fabrics like lace and soft florals and males insist upon tailored suits with a pastel shirt and silk tie. Jewelry is a must for both male and female as are perfume or cologne. Silk, fine linen, taffeta and fur are the choices of this sign. Color is an open option as long as it reflects refinement. Power color: turquoise.

Scorpio on the 6th House Cusp: "Seductive"... Scorpio loves to create an air of mystery and regardless of what they are wearing one is often left wondering what's underneath! They are fond of clothing that entices and will show just enough to keep you guessing. This sign signature is fond of leather and suede and generally tend to prefer the colors of passion crimson, burgundy and especially black. Females sport sexy underwear and have an affinity for boots and high heels. Male and female under this influence seem to have a love of sunglasses and often own several pair. Power color: dark gold.

Sagittarius on the 6th House Cusp: "Gypsy Chic"... This sign loves freedom so clothing must be comfortable and often sporty. Jeans, over-sized jackets and shirts and several pair of tennis shows area must! Fine fur, wool, tweed, flannel and leather fabrics are favored and paisley patterns cannot be ignored. For the most part when it comes to color the sky's the limit but shades of purple and blue seem to be favored by females influenced by this sign and the jewelry of choice is often handmade and set with natural stones such as turquoise and agate. Wash and wear and "no iron" clothing was made for this sign signature since the influence is always on the move. The gents definitely prefer sports or outdoor clothing. Power color: medium blue, silver.

Capricorn on the 6th House Cusp: "Understated Elegance"... This sign desires well fitted tailored clothing preferably designer. Brown, charcoal gray, tan, dark blue and black are the colors of choice. This sign is not interested in flash but is interested in "status" and will spend a good deal of money on everything from wallets to shoes. Even casual clothing and underwear tends to be "label only." The same goes for jewelry which is never cheap, gaudy or glitzy. Power color: lavender.

Aquarius on the 6th House Cusp: "Original"... Only the latest and greatest for this sign even if it goes out of style in one week! Fashion fad imbues the wardrobe as does breaking any and all fashion rules. The best part is that this sign influence can always pull off the most bizarre clothing concepts by mixing fabrics, styles and patterns. Plaid and asymmetrical patterned fabrics are favorites as are most shades of blue particularly electric blue as well as all neon colors. Power color: crimson.

Pisces on the 6th House Cusp: "Flowing"... Pisces rules the feet and this sign loves to collect shoes and all types of stockings or socks. This sign likes the "layered look" and females often wear shirts or dresses over leggings. They like romantic fashion and clothing made of soft shimmery fabrics such as chiffon. Males prefer dressy casual over tailored suits. Both male and female tend to wear too much jewelry and have no problem mixing precious metals (although platinum is a favorite) and gemstones. This sign signature will wear pajamas or loungewear all day if it is not required to leave the house. Cotton is the fabric of choice and soft "sea" colors like green and blue and sometimes lavender are preferred. Pattern choice tends to be nebulous with no form much like an abstract watercolor painting. Power color: purple.

*If you would like to know about the personal color assoicated with your day of birth or about what sign appears on the 6th House Cusp of your chart please message LOGOS - Overseer.