Past Life Programming And Present Life Debilities

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Past life programs or ‘residuals’ as they are more commonly known can be at the root of many current life issues because of previous life disempowerment. There are several ways this can manifest.

A basic premise may play out such as this: In a past life brutal and unjust behavior through personal choice or a mental disorder may lead an individual into a life of crime where many people were physically and emotionally hurt. At one point the program is set into place after the person reckons with the guilt of their crimes. Let’s say at age 45 in a past life, the individual comes to terms with the misdemeanors they have committed. The inner dialog may lament, “If I ever acquire this type of power over others again I shall destroy myself and my life and all that I own. I will be reminded again at age 45.”

Psychological therapy or regression may help subjects relieve the following residual programs and lead to healing.

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is often a sign of past life residual. Scientifically it is believed to be caused by an imbalance in the brain – deficiency of a chemical in the brain called serotonin. Metaphysically speaking, the individual in a past life was “plagued” because of loss of control. Control of their own life was either taken or given up. The behavior is often linked to recurrence in more than one past life where the wound that cannot be healed grows deeper leading to more need for control – a vicious cycle that only serves to keep ripping the scab off the wound. Those who suffer with OCD are often germ-a-phobes exhibiting peculiar repetitive need to sterilize or clean beyond reasonable measures.

Sometimes individuals may be able to remember the original trigger of the onset of OCD which is a helpful clue. For example, a particular woman felt her OCD started after she received a canary as a pet. She began to become unreasonably fussy over cleaning up after the bird and even after she found the bird a new home, she felt the area where the bird cage sat was contaminated beyond her capacity to clean it. She had the entire room repainted and a new carpet installed but this did not do much to lessen her feelings that the room was unclean. Later she noticed a distinct dislike for birds when she went outside and would cringe when they landed near her. A past life regression revealed that she had died of a plague like disease carried by birds and carrion in the area where she lived. As she lay dying, she was loaded into a cart where birds landed on her and pecked at her dying body. She was at that time 36 years old. The reoccurrence happened in her current life just after her 36th birthday when ironically the canary was a gift.

“As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again,” is a famous quote from Scarlet O’Hara in the classic Gone with the Wind. Oddly this promise is a good example of what may be tied to current life problems with weight. Starvation in a past existence may be at the root of over-eating and weight gain while chronic weight loss may be tied to past circumstances where the individual lived a life where they were ‘weighed down’ by the obstacles of life and feelings of not deserving the normal advantages that current life offers.

Many people suffer from unexplained chronic pain which today is given a blanket coverage term known as Fibromyalgia OR other physical ailments where the doctors are often heard to say, “I cannot find anything wrong with you –  I have no explanation for your symptoms, all your tests are normal.” Often these situations are resistant to attempts to treat them. If the root cause lies in the past and can be discovered through therapy the symptoms are often resolved however, this kind of residual is often tied to karma and the need to balance it so extra detective work becomes necessary.

Assorted phobias and reoccurring nightmares can also be connected to past lives. Regression sessions are most helpful in these cases – for example a fear of heights may have been a case where the individual in a past life was pushed off a cliff; a fear of snakes may have a root cause in death by snakebite in a former existence. Reoccurring nightmares can render big clues at times because a scenario plays over and over in a loop and often point at symbolism to something that has happened in the past.
Suicidal thoughts and/or attempts and multiple personality disorders are often rooted in past lives where past life personalities were not properly integrated into the current life memory leaving a gap. When a crisis occurs the personality switch or feeling to end it all serve as ‘solutions’. In the case of multiple personality, the latest persona which is stored in the gap in the unused portion of the brain emerges to deal with the trauma. In a sense these personalities want attention and may take turns emerging. Suicides are particularly troublesome as they will return to the earth plane physically compromised in some manner. Some studies suggest that individuals born with Downs Syndrome are often former suicides. Suicidal behavior is thought to be a repeated behavior from many past lives.

Past life healing can be achieved through release – a necessary component in ending toxic cycles and balancing karma.