Pain Is Your Friend

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For most, their emotional pain or baggage is seen as their worst enemy when it inevitably arises from its slumber state in the unconscious mind. The awakening person's approach to their pain is somewhat different, however, they work with and befriend their pain rather than resisting it.  

Behind all types of pain is some form of fear, thus, if one listens to and acknowledges their pain as it arises in the here and now, one can become more aware of the mechanisms unconsciously hijacking their windows of perception. 

You may desire to wipe your windows clean, but until you go through your pain, it will always resurface and thus distort your perception of the here and now. 

There are a few keys to befriending emotional pain; 

1. Acknowledge that it's there, own it. 

2. Feel it with intense conscious presence, allow the energy to move through you. 

3. Listen to it, pain is a messenger, what is it showing you about yourself?

4. Don't fear it, all pain is ultimately fear, don't add fear to the fear. 

5. Validate it, make it a valid aspect of your process because without darkness you'd never be able to see the light. 

Make your pain and unfavourable circumstances your best friends because without them you wouldn't feel any motivation for change. Pain prods you into the realisation of who and what you really are. Acknowledge it, Feel it, Listen to it, Befriend it and Validate it. 

If you make it a habit of doing practising these keys when emotional baggage from the past arises in your body, you'll behold the amazing power of acceptance, which has the ability to turn everything it touches into gold. This is the true form of inner alchemy, transmuting the darkness of your pain into the light of pure consciousness. 

No pain, no gain. 

-Rei Rei