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 The Light Force Network was Light and Sound activated 9/25/2012

"Every fate changes fate so brother and sister rise with me - our goals entwine together for only one end there be." ~ MIKEY - Executor


Lucem, qua audieritis sonitum ...

Hear the Sound, See the light,  …


LOGOS is the owner and creator of the Light Force Network.

Full power lies in the “WORD OF THE ABSOLUTE.”

Contact name - LOGOS  - Overseer




India  is the general manager and executive administrator of the site. Site mechanics, blog and forum management, site disciplinary action, site policy and chat moderation, banning and permanent expulsion is executed by India.

Contact name - INDIA - Exec. Admin.

Pallas Athena assists in managerial duties of the site.

Contact name  -  PALLAS ATHENA - Manager

Marique performs secrurity checks on all new applicants to the site.

Contact name - MARIQUE - Director


Site disciplinary action and chat moderation is executed by DARAEL HIGHBORN. Problems with member misconduct or concerns regarding site policy should be addressed to DARAEL. DARAEL is a former law enforcement officer and has full understanding of internet law. He will strictly uphold site policy with no exceptions. All communications are kept strictly confidential.

Contact name - DARAEL HIGHBORN - Magistrate


Site disciplinary action, site policy and chat moderation is executed by SHABDA . He will strictly uphold site policy with no exceptions including ban and expulsion. SHABDA is an ATHENAEUM Curator.

Contact name - SHABDA - Preceptor



Executors are experts in internet intra-personal activity. Chat moderation and blog post standards are under the auspices of the Executors. MIKEY is the Manager of the Executors. ANTARA assists in internet research and legal managerial duties of the site. ANTARA  is also Assistant Curator of the ATHENAEUM. ZERO POINT serves as  the Blog Manager, Group Content Manager and Forum Manager.


Executive Manager

Contact name - MIKEY - EXECUTOR


Resource Manager

Contact name - ANTARA - Manager


Blog/Forum/Group Manager

Contact name  - ZERO POINT - Executor


Contact name - LI - Executor


Contact name - KENDALL - Executor


Contact name - BRENCIS CYRUS - Executor


The Light Force Network is home to those who generously offer proficiency in various fields of study. They may be contacted for queries regarding their specialties on a need to know educational and informational basis.

LOGOS – Cosmobiology and Esoteric Astrology

  • Cosmobiology is a discipline concerned with the correlation between the Cosmos and all organic life and the effects of cosmic rhythms and stellar motion on mankind. Man’s character disposition, innate knowledge and all possible turns of fate are a mirror reflection of the Cosmos … the macrocosm in the microcosm. Creation of the Soul and the 7 rays feature heavily in Cosmobiology.
  • Esoteric Astrology is focused on the promise of the Natus, the current incarnation and past life residuals.

Contact name  -  LOGOS - Overseer

HOLBROOK PSI – Paranormal

Paranormal Disturbance – What constitutes the differences between paranormal, supernatural and extra-normal circumstances

  • How to define it
  • How to relieve it

Hauntings and Demonology

  • Specific cases

Past Life Residual Trauma Intervention

  • How “ties” to the past can effect current life
  • How to seek intervention or perform your own intervention

Contact name - Holbrook PSI

SHABDA – Eckankar

A spiritual toolkit that teaches one how to make God an everyday reality in their lives. Soul's purpose for being in this world is to find Divine Love, and the disciplines given in Eckankar are a set of methods of learning of it and attaining it as an everyday reality using the dual aspects of God, the Light and Sound  to earn liberation.

Contact name  - SHABDA - Preceptor

SALAAM - Ancient Middle Eastern Religion/Spirituality and Philosphy

Roots and beginnings that are tied to current systems and cultures. Zoroastrian ways and means.

Contact name - Salaam

ANAD TAGORE PH.D - Hinduism and Spirituality

Ancient and contemporary beliefs of India including incarntaion and spiritual practices.

Contact name - Dr. Tagore

TELLUS - Ancient Astronomy and Astrology

Astronomical techniques, Tropical vs Sideral Astrology, Star lore and Fixed Star meanings.

Contact name - Tellus


Members Helping Members

In addition to our Proficients, there are also Member Specialists who are willing to lend their expertise and assistance to other members who request it. You can find them on the Initiates Pages. This list is ever-growing!


Dr. Daria (Community Leader), Rev. Micah Allard, Rev. Carrie Albright, Rev. John Brooke, Rev. Samuel Anatto, Rev. Brenda Benarelli, Rev. Jacob Reiss, Rabbi Ezra Stern, Rabbi Les Leichman, Dr. Dave, Rev. Alex Kelso, Dr. Max T.


LI - Executor (Community Leader), Distant Healer, Anahata, Heart,  A Healer, Nano Nodo, Ruby Flame, Violet, Blue Spirit, Touch,  Hygeia, Susan, Magenta Ray, Lucian, Lux Bellator


Doc Dean (Community Leader), Dr. Ben K., Metadoc, Dr. Kevin Corsaro, Dr. Davin Capatelli, Dr. Berri, Dr. Dan M, Dr. Donovan


Holbrook PSI (Community Leader) Constantine, Olivia, Paranorman, Spectre, Apparitionist, Ghost Girl, Phantom


Orun Aye, Mojo, Lady Orleans, Eshu, Babalawo, sanjenjo, Shaman De-na, Abu Khan De, Shaman Eoe, Rhondo, Wiringin, Starman Abiodun, Orenda, Boho, Anaka, Lady Lavelle, Maya, Wise Woman, Qero, Nomad Spirit, Curandera, Talisman, Claire de Lune, Seven, Star Hawk, Boho, El Mysterio, Kalea Haumea, Black Pearl, Calypso, Salamander, Spiritual Outlaw, Serpentus, Urban Magic, Naiji, Crow, Oba, Baal Shem, Silas Dideolu, Voz, Joseph Morningstar, Miss Belle, Abeyo, Curandero, Shaman Duodo, Sister Telma



~ Site Policy & Guidelines ~

“Be nice you will …” ~ YODA

Please note that our rules are subject to change according to current variences on the internet. Check here often.

Be a bastion of good will. The Light Force Network wishes to give its community members the greatest freedom of personal expression possible however the site reserves the right to define proper conduct and behavior regarding such expression. All site administers strictly adhere to and support site policy.

  • Membership is restricted to 21 years of age and up. Any person who provides their personal information through this Network represents that they are 21 years of age or older.
  • We are all adults here. Treat others with respect and do not personally condemn others. Personal attacks, harassment and bullying will not be tolerated. Debate is welcomed. Challenge the topic, not the person. Commentary in blog posts that is deliberately directed at others members will be deleted and perpetrators will be suspended or expelled. If you have an issue with another member, do work it out through private messaging and keep it off the public platform. If you feel a problem is serious enough to require intervention please contact the MAGISTRATE or PRECEPTOR.
  • Excessive foul language, pornography, stalking or sexual advances/solicitation will not be tolerated and result in immediate permanent expulsion from the site. Let your personal conduct be a testament to your character. You may not post any content that depicts or contains rape, extreme violence, murder, bestiality, incest, or other similar content.
  • Self promotion for mercantile etc. business purposes/websites in blog posts, chat, forum, comments and groups etc. will not be tolerated and will result in removal of such promotion and expulsion from the site. You may post such information on your personal SANCTUARY PAGE. On LFN we do allow the sharing of links for metaphysical sites of the same nature and are happy to direct people where they need to go.
  • Questionable content in blog posts will result in removal of the blog post. We observe U.S. copyright laws so please use proper citation etc. Authors of blog posts, forum topics etc. are responsible for the content of their blogs including proper citation and copyright regarding resource venues.
  • “Trolling” and acts deemed predatory in nature are simply not acceptable under any circumstances within any function of the site and will result in permanent expulsion.


Common courtesy is expected in chatrooms. Keep any personal grievances restricted to personal message chat which is private and can be activated by clicking on the member's name with whom you wish to engage conversation. Any severe or irresolvable "personal" issues should be reported to the Magistrate Darael Highborn. All of the chatrooms are open to all members on LFN.  The Augury is a special room for tapping into the higher self via tools such as cards, runes or psychic chat. Please be mindful and respectful until each initiate's process is completed.  On occassion, "Chat Classrooms" or "Special Feature Rooms" will be opened for scheduled topics presented and taught by proficient members and/or teachers. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and meet with new people of like mind.

*A special note regarding trolling or "creeping." Any member avatar that remains in the chat registry without contact either by chatroom dialog or private message AND after several attempts have made by the administration seeking an explantion for such behavior following  a period of  24 hours will be removed from chat and blocked from the site. Please make your intentions clear to the administration if your stay in chat is to be prolonged as to avoid suspiscious appearing behavior.


When submiting original BLOGS and FORUM topic articles be sure to cite all reasources you may have used at the end of the piece. We encourage original writing but if you are presenting an article from another site, be sure to check the site's Terms of Service to see if you are first able/allowed to present a reprint and what stipulations the site might have for the reprint. In some cases, you may be offered to contact and seek permission for reprint for articles. Lightforce Network respects the copyright regulations of others sites where these materials may be found. ALL blogs are reviewed by ZERO POINT - Executor. If they do not follow the submission rules you will be contacted and advised about proper changes or in the worst case, the blog will be removed. We reserve the right to edit any blog that has not been properly posted. The same rules apply for presented Forum Topics and Group content. All blog and forum contect is the sole responsibility and liability of the member who creates it and not the Light Force Network site.

We also like to request that an opening image accompany each blog as to keep with homepage continuity. There are two ways to insert and image. If you click on the picture icon (image) in the edit body box you can add the url of a web image (check for image copyright). If you click on the fle icon (add media) you can add an image from one of your own files. Posted images are the responsibility and liability of the member who posts them and not the Lightforcenetwork site. Please research the avaliability and copyright of any images. Google has a "usage search" that is very helpful regarding images but do make an effort to fully understand the categorizations listed which are: not filtered by license, labeled for reuse with modification, labeled for reuse, labeled for non commercial reuse with modification, and labeled for non commercial reuse. If you are very much in doubt please contact ZERO POINT - Executor in chat or via online message. We can provide you with a safe image if necessary.

Public Domain Images: Library of Congress may be found here

Inexpensive availble for license images can be found at Please follow their guidelines.

When greating a GROUP,  it is required that you fill in a few sentence up to a paragraph in the Summary section which briefly describes the group and acts as a "teaser" for the group. It is also required that a Main Page for the group be created. Group Content is added on a voluntary basis by the the individual group manager (creator) or by reigistered members of the group. ZERO POINT -  Executor oversees the groups and has the rights to ammend or add to any group data in an effort to maintain nand clarity. All group content is the responsibility and liability of the Group Creator and not the Light Force Network site.

Disclaimers and Caveats

This website is intended for informational purposes only. The materials and information on this website contain opinions and personal interpretations as well as facts. This website is not intended to take the place of more conventional sources of information, such as standard reference works and textbooks. Also, this website is not intended to provide a comprehensive or definitive treatment of any single subject or topic.

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