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Can Astrology validate the paranormal? Forensic Astrology is a fascinating branch of astrology that deals in specialized detective work. The topics range from criminal investigation including ongoing and unsolved cases, to paranormal probes including hauntings and things such as alien abductions, to queries regarding specific cases involving Quantum physics such as time travel. Of course as with any type of enquiry, the most important single factor is to know where to start looking. Astrologers who specialize in forensics might use a variety of means, birth charts, event charts, and even location charts or horary charts to discern the truth of a matter.

In essence, the whole matter rests upon knowing where to look.

What astrological forces are at play during a paranormal or supernatural event? The first item to be discerned is the condition of the transiting Moon. Some paranormal investigators often consider the condition of the Moon along with all of their statistical and scientific data when investigating hauntings. The most common astrological conditions that show up regarding the Moon in forensics concern a Full Moon or a Void of Course Moon. Astrologically speaking these are the conditions that represent an undisturbed open channel for energies. The Full Moon in particular represents a time of peak paranormal activity. The Void of course Moon often represents a period when time stands still. The aspects made by the Moon are very important. The next item is to look for an emphasis on the 1st and 7th houses basically representing the self and others or "me and them" by either heavy planetary load and/or aspects made to those house cusps. This always seems to show up prominently in cases of alien abduction.

Moon specs:

NEW MOON: (0-45 degrees ahead of Sun): Occult energies may be impulsive, and aggressive, wanting "attention." There is a "reach out and touch response" where investigators sometimes feel a brush, tickle, or pressure from unknown sources.

BLACK MOON: (Second NEW MOON in the course of a single calendar month): Highly occult energy that opens a portal to other dimensions including everything from the Faerie Kingdom to the Realm of the Ascended Masters as well as the spectral world. Altered states of awareness and higher consciousness are present.

CRESCENT MOON: (45-90 degrees ahead of Sun): Occult energies may seem to occur in "slow motion" because they are subject to a lack of momentum.

FIRST QUARTER MOON: (90-135 degrees ahead of Sun): Occult energies are "challenging" and looking for a "power-up."

GIBBOUS MOON: (135-180 degrees ahead of Sun): Occult energies are strong, moving toward full response and very perceivable.

FULL MOON: (180-135 degrees behind Sun): Occult energies are in "full" response and a variety of conditions are possible. The most powerful occult situations occur during the Full Moon.

DISSEMINATING MOON: (135-190 behind Sun): Occult energies are "perceivable" but may be hard to pin down.

THIRD QUARTER MOON: (90-45 degrees behind Sun): Occult energies will try to "alienate" or hide themselves from the environment and contact although they are still perceivable.

BALSAMIC MOON: (45-0 degrees behind Sun): Occult energies are not in full response and may show up erratically in a teasing fashion. A variety of conditions are possible.

VOID OF COURSE MOON: The Moon makes no aspects while in transition of changing signs. The occult energies are "open" to any conditions. A Void Of Course Moon is often active during restored scenes, residual play-backs or time warps.

BLUE MOON: (If a second Full Moon occurs in the same month): Troubled energies. Investigators will be confronted with full response energies but are very likely to have more than normal problems with equiptment, team members and the spirits themselves!

By sign:

ARIES: Spirits can be temperamental, angry or boisterous such as in poltergiest attack. Physical harm can come to investigators.

TAURUS: Spirits will hold their ground and may force expulsion or not allow entry. ("Get Out!")

GEMINI: Spirits are communicative-good for detection of messages by EVP or spirit to light meter response.

CANCER : Spirit activity is tied to residual emotion. Spirits might respond to mediums they feel are understanding.

LEO: Spirit activity can be playful or pushy. Full spectromatic color or tones may be visible in manifestation. Restored scenes can play out like a motion picture.

VIRGO: Dark colored or indefinite spectors. Investigators can experinece sickness or nausea during investigations due to residual energies or warnings.

LIBRA: Good for investigation of haunted objects such as furniture, artwork or personal belongings.

SCORPIO: Lower realm entities or demonics can be present. Good for investigation of cemeteries and matters connected to the dead. Also good for investigation using psychometry.

SAGITTARIUS: Good for exploration of layered spiritual realms and getting to the truth of unsolved mysteries.

CAPRICORN: Good for investigation in churchyards, mortuaries, enclosed, underground or dark places and for contact with those who have recently passed over.

AQUARIUS: Good for detection results with high tech paranormal equiptment. Investigators may experience a touch or brush sensation from spirits.

PISCES: Spiritual channels/floodgates are open - good for release of spirits to a higher realm and seances.

Further, the occult or water houses 4, 8 and 12 refer to the cycle of life, death and rebirth and they also refer to barriers that are broken down when human specters or entities enter the plane of the living. The 4th house concerns the circumstances surrounding death, the 8th house concerns the actual demise, and the 12th house concerns circumstances regarding a soul's afterlife other dimensional experience. When a soul or spirit does not pass through the Gate of Death in the 8th house and onward towards either a pleasant or hostile afterlife, it remains earthbound and chooses a location or several locations to occupy. This is when problems can occur and some professional paranormal help is needed.

Paranormal investigators, researchers, and demonologists fall under the rulership of the 8th house but individuals who are gifted in helping spirits "move on" fall under the rulership of the 12th house. Paranormal counselors who help families or individuals with any crisis concerning a haunting in the home fall under the rulership of the 4th house. Often times, these people are "naturals" when dealing with trauma concerning all facets of death. During a paranormal event the 8th and 12th houses are often triggered simultaneously. An example of this is as séance that goes awry or a poltergeist attack.

Since the planet Neptune represents intangibles, it too garners a close examination. Depending on the specifics of an event some of the other planets represent other possibilitis. For example, if poltergeist activity is suspected one would look for an active Mars and for evil or demonic entities an active Pluto.

These guidelines will assist those who are taking an astrological view of either old or new cases as long as you have complete data - date, time and place. The more specific and accurate the better. Don't be upset if you don't find evidence in a chart. Consider that the circumstance may have been fraudulent all along.